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This plan is a combined package of Preventive Health Check-ups and Medical discount card packages. Preventive Health Check-up with 60 tests are most essential tests designed by medical experts which includes tests related to your heart, Kidney, Liver  and other vital organs of human body . Any malfunction in the health status will be clearly highlighted in the report which helps in taking precautionary measures to maintain good health status


  • * Covers four members in the family
  • * Members will be provided with health check packages         and four med cards
  • * Above family package , each additional member will be       charged Rs500 extra

  1. 4 packages will be provided for your family members only.
  2. Being proactive in taking care of health is the best way to reduce all unforeseen medical expenses,
  3. Access your full body health check report @ Home.

60 tests on the below profiles :-

  • Lipid profile (cholesterol,LDL,VDL,Tryglycerides)- 8tests
  • Liver Profile (SGOT.SGPT, ALK PHOS,Protein,SAlbumi )-11 tests
  • Kidney Profile (Calcium,Uric Acid ,Urea,Creatinine)- 5 tests
  • Iron Deficiency Profile (Iron,TIBC,100% transferiin) – 3 tests
  • Thyroid Profile (T3,T4,TSH) – 3 Tests
  • Diabetic Screen  (Average blood glucose)-2 tests
  • CBC /Hemogram -28 Tests

Dental Cleaning & Scaling

2 Dental packages will be provided for your family with our empaneled dentist for cleaning and scaling procedures

Free cleaning and scaling procedures will be provided which will turn your teeth milky white and helps you to maintain oral hygiene

Doctor on call

Avail doctor tele-consultations

Free OPD consultations

5 Free OPD consultations with best doctors in our panel. This is valid only for your family members who are provided with Med card

Clinics & Hospitals- Consultations & Treatments 
Access the best Clinics, Hospitals, Super speciality hospitals & Multi Speciality hospitals with discounts on

Clinics & Nursing Homes

  • Consultation   – Upto 50% 

Hospitals and Multi Speciality Hospitals

  • Consultation   – Upto 25%


Access the best chain of labs services such as MRI/CT scans/ blood tests to avail up to 20% – 30% discounts

Labs & Pharmacies

Upto 25% discount on prescription based medicines online – Any number of times door delivery

Tax benefit under 80D

Avail Tax benefit under 80D.