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This plan is a combined package of Preventive Health Check-ups and Medical discount card packages. Preventive Health Check-up with 60 tests are most essential tests designed by medical experts which includes tests related to your heart, Kidney, Liver and other vital organs of human body . Any malfunction in the health status will be clearly highlighted in the report which helps in taking precautionary measures to maintain good health status.  

Card Benefits

  • Covers four members in the family

  • Members will be provided with health check packages and four med cards

  • 4 packages will be provided for your family members only.

  • Being proactive in taking care of health is the best way to reduce all unforeseen medical expenses.

  •  Access your full body health check report @ Home.

  • Avail doctor tele-consultations
  • Clinics & Hospitals- Consultations & Treatments

    Access the best Clinics, Hospitals, Super specialty hospitals & Multi Specialty hospitals with discounts on
    Hospitals, Multi Specialty Hospitals, Clinics & Nursing Homes

    • Consultation   – 50{7bf14060b2816474d35698b0b4152fb29d9489ece9a19a606612f73cb968de0f}
    • Treatment       – 25{7bf14060b2816474d35698b0b4152fb29d9489ece9a19a606612f73cb968de0f}
    • Labs & Pharmacies

      Access the best chain of labs & Pharmacies to avail up to 20{7bf14060b2816474d35698b0b4152fb29d9489ece9a19a606612f73cb968de0f} – 30{7bf14060b2816474d35698b0b4152fb29d9489ece9a19a606612f73cb968de0f} discounts

    • Dental treatments 30{7bf14060b2816474d35698b0b4152fb29d9489ece9a19a606612f73cb968de0f} discount
    • Age limit (90 days to 100 years)

    • Pregnancy & Maternity coverage 

    • All existing diseases will be covered under this plan immediately

    • No waiting period for Pre existing disease like sugar , Heart problem , childhood disabled , cancer , etc

    • Unlimited sum assured

    • 24hrs admission not mandatory 

    • Personal accident coverage for the premium payer with 2 lakhs sum assured

    • Motor insurance renewal discount 60{7bf14060b2816474d35698b0b4152fb29d9489ece9a19a606612f73cb968de0f} for two wheeler & 4 wheeler on OD value  (4 optional vehicles)